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Why is sailing so great? Sailing is a skill that takes mental focus and continual practice and learning in order to progress. People of all ages and strengths can enjoy it as it is more about “brain than brawn.” Furthermore, sailing is a sport where you have to learn to adapt to constantly changing situations, and where both leadership and communication are emphasized. It’s the perfect sport to introduce your child to at a young age.  It’s a memory that will last for a lifetime.
BSC mission “Inspiring the children to know and grow the love of sailing, while teaching fundamental life skills and bringing everyone closer together at the great outdoors”

Why choose Beijing Sailing Center? For the last eight years, Beijing Sailing Center has been successfully implementing sailing-focused summer camps and school program activities at our beach in Beidaihe. The program provides an adventurous, intellectual and educational experience, while honing your child’s leadership and communication skills.  Last summer we hosted over 500 satisfied children and their parents coming. The center is both convenient to Beijing (a 2 hour train ride trip) and all the accommodation, transportation, meals, activities/learnings, chaperones and entertainment are covered. You will find it to be a truly unique and rewarding residential program.

The 4 C’s. BSC believes in supporting the 4 C’s methodology: “creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.” Water sports and sailing, specifically provide a unique opportunity to explore all aspects of this methodology.  Through various activities they will focus on each of the 4 pillars and in turn, gain better life skills and self-confidence.  Your child will participate on hands-on activities such as raft building to test these learnings and skills.  Additionally, water sports increase physical strength, agility, and coordination. With so many benefits, how can you go wrong?

BSC Staff. Our staff are comprised of local and international certified and highly qualified instructors in the art of sailing.  In addition to their professional training, they are taught the “soft skills” of encouraging participation from children, while establishing improved self-confidence and self-awareness. The environment is positive, challenging and engaging. Additionally, all courses can be instructed in both English and Mandarin to suit your child’s needs.  With a low ratio of 1 instructor to 6 children, your child benefits from significant one-to-one learning and attention.

Safety. Safety is our #1 priority.  Both on the water and off, you can be assured that our goal is to deliver a safe atmosphere for your child. We take this very seriously, thus safety equipment is tested and of highest quality.  All children wear helmets and life vests at all times on the water.  For added protection, we utilize safety boats in the water at all times. First aid stations are available on site for minor incidence.

BSC Commitment to the Community. Community engagement and personal responsibility are core to our camp mission. Community character is developed in a meaningful way.  When we instill a sense of community, we can grow together in a more productive way. When children feel they matter in the world, they can take this learning into their everyday lives and back into the service of their communities.  It’s a commitment we are proud of and one which separates us from other local camps.

Having it all. Our summer camps and school tailored youth programs are about getting the most out of your 5 day experience.  These programs can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of a school and can accommodate various age groups and skills levels. We believe in the perfect combination of quality and quantity and creating a balance between learning and having fun. Join a 2, 5 or 7 day camp now and get connected to the outdoors, learning the 4 c’s and forging new friendships. Master skills that you can take with you through life. Come enjoy a “sport” that more than just sport, it’s a lifestyle!