Our Instructors

Our Instructors


Georgina Willis

Chief Instructor

Nationality: United Kingdom

Georgina has been sailing since she was 7 years old. Over the past years she has worked her way up and am now an RYA Senior Instructor and Powerboating Instructor. She has worked in Scotland, Turkey, Greece and now China and is always on the lookout for the next adventure to have! She Loves travelling, there’s nothing better than seeing new things and learning new cultures, which is why sailing is a perfect job for her as it is a worldwide sport and she can have the possibilities to go anywhere with it!

23 World-Class Instructors

  • emma
  • 朱广超
  • 甜甜
  • 刘阳明
  • 董阳
  • andy
  • 美玉
  • 李大为
  • 17-马福春-Mars
  • 高峰
  • Dario2
  • rosie
  • Bruce-Li-Wei1-e1437620322894
  • White-白耀志
  • Joe-Zhou-Xiang1
  • Harry
  • Shay-Jiang-Shui-Yuan1-e1437619337779
  • 马超
  • Cho-Cen2
  • Hou-Xin1
  • Leo
  • 珊珊
  • Golden


British / Water-sports Instructor

Emma is a cool girl from England and has years of experience on sailing and water sports. She likes sailing and the freedom it has brought to people. Emma is excited that she can be part of the BSC family and come to China to promote the sport she likes.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Robin believed he is a qualified sailing instructor. Through sailing experience Robin learned about the vastness and changeability of the sea.  It’s a process of self-improvement and one can enjoy the beauty of nature during the process. It is not only a job, but also a positive life attitude.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Tiantian likes to smile, and all the people around her can feel her joy and passion. She believes that sailing can change someone into a stronger and more confident person.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Through sailing experience Louie learned that sailing is a challenging and competitive sport. It’s a process of self-improvement and one can enjoy the beauty of nature during the process. Louie believes that one can gain a lot from sailing.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Dong loves sailing. Under the blue sky and on the water, he finds the joy of sailing, and wants to share this with others.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

For Andy, sailing is not just a job, but also what he is passionate about. When on the sea, all the troubles are gone with the wind, and thus have a free mind. That is the reason why Andy likes sailng.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

May has great passion for sailing. She enjoys spending time with children, and all kids love her. When she is sailing on the water, she feels free, and she wants to share happiness with all children.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

David likes to sail on the sea. On the boat, he feels the broad of the ocean. He also wishes that through his own effort, more and more people would like sailing and participate in this sport.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Mars believes habits can change one’s life, and he wants to change his life, so he changes himself. He once said, “Change will bring pain to you but the results are sweet. Good habits can lead us to success “



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Feng feels very lucky to be one of the instructors. He believes that he will be an excellent instructor in the near future due to his great passion for sailing and strong sense of responsibility. He hopes he can improve his skills and get a better life through the teaching and sailing.



 / Water-sport Instructor

Dario is from Sicily, in the south part of Italy. He did his first sailing course when he was 5 1/2 years old and from there he never stopped sailing. He raced Optimist until the age of 14, when he got selected to compete for Italy at the European Championship and ranked 2nd place overall.At 15yrs old Dario switched to Laser, where he kept racing intensively at national and international level with some good results. Beside sailing Dario is a very active person and enjoys a variety of sport, in and out of the water.



British / Water-sports Instructor

Rosie has always enjoyed sailing,  and she started from a young age. She is excited to introduce this sport to beginners and promote it in China. She would like to express her passion to everyone and let them see how fun it really is.



 / Water-sports Instructor

Through sailing experience Bruce learned about the vastness and changeability of the sea. Sailing is a challenging and competitive sport. It’s a process of self-improvement and one can enjoy the beauty of nature during the process. Bruce firmly believes that one can gain a lot from sailing and that this sport will help a person to be strong physically and psychologically.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

White’s life is lit by passion. He loves the ocean and sailing. Sailing has become a joyful part of his life.  He is hoping that a lot more people will enjoy it as well as interested in learning to master it.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Joe has been sailing for three years and is eager to go sailing every time, especially when the wind is not extremely strong. Listening to the waves and sensing the salty water gives Joe a sense of passion and enthusiasm. The sea is vast and he enjoys reminiscing on the exciting moments of sailing. Joe is looking forward to share his sailing enthusiasm with everyone.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Harry believes sailing has its own charm. Sailing makes him feel confident and helps him to grow mature. Harry grew the love of sailing more and more each day and he knows that he will be better and better on it in time.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Shay gained a lot of sailing experience by working for BSC. He enjoys the sense of having control when being on the boat on the water. He feel relaxed when sailing out with the guests and at that the world just turns quiet and peaceful. Shay think sailing keeps him healthy and bright and it also brings joy to his life. He intend to dedicate his whole life into sailing-teaching, sharing the happiness and facing difficulties together with all sailing enthusiasts.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Matty firmly believe that anyone can learn sailing well with passion and perseverance. His goal right now is to be an excellent sailing instructor. In his opinion, sailing does not only means a profession, but also stands for a positive life attitude.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Cho believes self-challenging to be one part of a man’s personality and working at BSC gives him the chance to challenge himself. Cho has been working at BSC for over a year and he find that it is not just a job for him. Just like other sailing enthusiasts, Cho hopes that this sport can get more support and grow bigger and better in China.


Hou Xin

Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Hou Xin always has a relieved feeling whenever he sits on a boat on the water. The sunshine and blue water has its soothing effect and Hou Xin just let his mind wanders with the wind. And these are just some of the reasons why he loves sailing so much. much.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Leo was introduced to sailing coincidentally and he thinks it is an extremely exciting and charming sport. Setting the sails up and crossing the waves are challenging to him but the scent of the ocean gives him a relaxing feeling and sailing improves his abilities a lot. Leo loves boats and goes sailing every chance he got.



Chinese / Water-sports Instructor

Sam has great passion for sailing. It helps her to challenge herself and make her more perseverant and cooperative. When sailing on the water, she feels as free as a bird flying across the blue sky. Sam wishes to improve his sailing skills this Summer and hopes to enjoy sailing with more people.



Chinese / Base Manager

Gordon was introduced to sailing without him expecting to fall in love with the sport. Over a period of time he then realized that the sport have made him grow so much through gaining knowledge and experience. Whenever he sails he feels relaxed and in peace. Sailing to him is not just about physics, it is also a lifestyle, and he is eager to share this belief to everyone who has the interest in sailing. He wants everyone to be able to experience what he had, to taste that sense of serenity he felt in his heart whenever he sails.