About Us


We provide the best quality sailing programs and facilities in China

Beijing Sailing Center began life as the first sailing training center in China in the early 2007 when the concept of watersports lifestyle is underrated in China and the word “sailor” was only recognized in a classic Chinese song title. Started with only six dinghies and a few instructors, Rick Pointon established BSC under a very simple reason of the love and passion he has for sailing and the sea, as well as the love he immediately grew for Beijing and China since his first arrival.

Beijing Sailing Center is the premier training center that brings the world of sailing to Northern China

We grew alongside every client, in both passion and experience, and are fortunate to have customers who recognized our impassioned determination to differentiate ourselves by being able to “have it all”. To Rick, sailing is both exclusive and accessible, it could be a choice of lifestyle or a hobby and we endeavors to constantly develop services that not only satisfied every client’s needs and objective, but also give birth to projects that continuously passing on the spirit and love of sailing and the sea. We are an internationally recognized-training center in China who is authorized to certify an international sailing license.

BSC believes that sailing is the backbone of many water sports. It provides awareness of many variables. With conditions always changing it allows you to adapt to any situation. Sailing is a lifetime investment because it always encourages progression, you never stop learning. On top of all, sailing is suitable for all ages and abilities, all you need is the interest and you’re good to go!