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Would you like to be a part of our family?

Are you an ocean lover and looking for an outdoor sport that is more brain than brawn? A sport that can be either a hobby or a lifestyle that allows you to progressively gain skills and connect with like-minded people? Would you like to be active in a healthy lifestyle that allows you to either just relax or be adventurous and explore the world? Would you like to be a part of the most active community of seafarers in China?

Beijing Sailing Center is the premier training center that brings the world of sailing to Northern China, with active members who represents all walks of life. We are committed to share the love and passion for sailing and the sea from our founder, board of directors, staff team, to our members.

BSC hosts many social activities such as the Members Events, Boat Parties, Birthday Parties, Social Networking Events, Regattas and its after-parties. We make sure everyone is having fun times together after the competitive sailing events that are held at the center.

    With Beijing Sailing Center membership you can:

    • Members are entitled to this club’s services by using the membership cards, and need to pay the different event fees by membership standards.
    • Members are entitled to discounts of chartering our club’s boats (including kayaks and SUPs).
    • Members can invite guests to experience sailing, the invitee needs to pay the service fee.
    • Members are entitled to discounts of using or purchasing our products.

    IYT sailing course

    IYT bareboat course

    Sail The World

    catering service at base

    sailing gears and equipment

    attending sailing race or events

    • Our club members are entitled to membership benefits in our sister clubs.
    • Members are entitled to exclusive benefits in our collaborating corporations (please view details from ourmembers’ handbook and website announcement)
    • Our club will provide boat-mooring service.
    • Our club will organize members’ events in due time, all members are welcomed to attend.
    • Members are entitled to members’ discount for boat chartering.
    • Members can pay for an annual boat-using fee,within 12 months of the payment, the benefits are as below:
    • Free boat chartering fee in our club and our sister club
    • Priority rights for reserving boats
    • Discounts for boat mooring service.
    • When chartering a boat, any member (including those who have payed the annual boat-using fee) needs to pay a small amount of base service fee by standards.
    • Please book your boat three days in advance, for boats haven’t been booked will be allocated for teaching or non-members.  BSC will also adjust the members’ exclusive boats by the members’ numbers. From Monday to Friday, we will reserve no less than four members’ exclusive boats. During weekend, we will try to reserve more exclusive boats for our members, the quantities will be adjusted depending on the onsite situation.
    • At peak times for boat-using. Those who have paid for the annual boat-using fee have the priority right to use the boat; if many members book boats at the same time, we will use time-limit control to ensure the fair use of the boat.
    • Any improperoperation that causing the damages to the boat needs to pay correspondingcompensation.
    • For family members, one family can only book two boats at one time for a family. If they need more than two, this needs to be decided by onsite situations.


    • Our club encourages our members to invite their guests to experience sailing with them. The invited guests will use one boat with the member and go with together. No chartering and sailing alone by the guests.
    • The members should be responsible for the invited guests’ safety ashore and off shore.
    • Before going out for sailing, each invited guest needs to fill one tourist’s registration form.
    • The invited guests need to pay the base service fee by the amount of guests.


    Individual Membership: Any person above 18 years old, once pays the membership entrance fee, can become a member of Beijing Sailing Center.Membership entrance fee is a lump-sum payment and the membership is valid permanently.

    Family Membership: A member can apply f​or family membership for his/her spouse and/or children. An individual member can apply for family membership(spouse + one or two 18-year-old (or under) children);  for family with over 4 members, extra family membership fee will be charged. Please note that family membership is only applied to the member, and his/her spouse and 18-year-old (or under) children. An individual membership should be reapplied when the children is above 18 years old.

    Annual Youth Membership: available for anyone whose age is at 18 or under. The membership status will beactivated by the date of payment, and will be valid for 12 months hereafter.Within its validity, boat chartering within this club is free of charge.

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