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  • barts
    September 19

    Bart’s Bash 2015, sail for a good cause!

    Come down to Azure Beach Sailing Club Beidaihe and be a part of Guiness world of record’s biggest sailing event! Thank you for all who participated and donated on our event.

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  • BSCBart's Bash Youth Regatta-A
    September 21

    Beijing Sailing Center Bart’s Bash Youth Regatta

    Beijing Sailing Center is inviting you to take part in the discerning event of 2014: Bart’s Bash Youth Regatta, which is part of a global initiative called Bart’s Bash.

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  • 1
    November 1

    Sailing and running for a good cause

    The Beijing Sailing Center (BSC), partnered with local char­ity shop Roundabout, organized a Great Wall Sailing Charity Challenge from October 15-17 to raise money for charity.

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